page twelve:

Another Solution

nobody really knows how much time had gone by. the woman was beginning to realize that probably no one was going to make it up the spiral staircase with a song that would open the padlock.

The woman wanted to be complete again, to not have her spirit in one place and the rest of her in another. She knew that often when one road seemed hopeless, the universe usually had some alternate solutions available if a person just figured them out.

The woman had long ago found the simplest method the best, so she decided to ask the universe if there was another way the padlock could be opened. With all her heart she asked the Great Spirit to come to talk with her.

The Great Spirit can be felt as a wellspring of truth and joy, but he also has a sense of humor. The woman heard a flapping sound at her window and first she thought some of the strawman creatures had managed to get outside the tower staircase and were coming in her window. It actually was the Great Spirit appearing in the form of a large radiant beautiful shimmery dragon fly, who is normally very quiet, but he had flapped his wings on purpose to get her attention.

for a very long time the Great Spirit and the woman sat there experiencing a feeling of complete truth and joy.

to be continued.......

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page 1A: A Locked Room

page 1B: Strawmen and Spiders

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