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The Fabric of Sound

the woman in the tower appreciated her recent visitors, but she also enjoyed her time to herself. she settled back in to quietude, which wasn't really quiet because of the background noise of strawman creatures flapping and bumping and occasional pieces of the staircase falling. The cats kept the noise down to a reasonable level, but with every strawman that the cats cleaned up, there was a new one created by another adventurer on the staircase.

she noticed something new....there was a rumbling sound mixed with some odd long drawnout tones that would last for a couple minutes and then stop as suddenly as they started. curious, she put some of her attention on the spiral staircase. she hadn't been there in awhile, and what she found amazed her.

the cats had organized themselves into groups, and they were playing a game that involved keeping scores. the cats had originally been sent to the tower, along with the spiders, to help clean up the strawman creatures. nothing had been mentioned about how they were to accomplish this, so they had made a game out of it.

the strawman creatures, being created from fallacies, looked real enough but the cats knew they were actually illusions created from the fabric of sound. the cats had learned to use purring and some long drawnout meows at just the right frequency to disperse individual strawman creatures back into where they came from.

when the cats had first learned to do this, it usually took awhile, and there was a smudge left that looked like soot. the more perfect the sonic vibration for each individual creature, the less soot would be left. the game was to leave no soot and to have a fast time.

it happened that the woman looked in just as one of the time periods of the game was ending, and one team would be declared victorious. the cats didn't actually seem to care who won, but they found that the game and the score keeping helped them pass the time. they were all pretty much in agreement that the most proficient cat in dealing with the strawman creatures was the one named Wurlitzer. he was not only able to be fast and clean, but he was able to create an atmosphere of soft blue light in the vicinity of the strawman creature as it dissolved. none of the other cats had been able to do this.

impressed with what the cats had accomplished, the woman returned her attention to the chamber in the tower.

to be continued.......

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