page eleven:

Finding Nature's Balance

over the years White Buffalo Woman came to visit often. The women talked about ways that people could help nature to regain balance.

The room in the top of the old tower held an enormous amount of energy in something that worked like a battery. The universe had put that there to attract adventurers and to show them that there is energy available that is different from what they had previously known.

The adventurers assumed the energy came from the woman herself, but it actually came from something that looked like a solar cell built into the walls of the room. The energy of the adventurers would automatically recharge the cell.

At one point the energy in the tower had built up to a point where there was a constant hum. That, added to the constant din of the strawman creatures flapping around, created a lot of noise.

The two women decided one day to put some of that energy to good use. Rock N Roll was originally nature's way of trying to regain the balance that had been lost during the industrialization of the world, so it seemed like a good idea to use some of that energy to help nature and humanity restore balance.

White Buffalo Woman knew about medicine wheels as a way people can better understand nature, the earth, the animals, and the whole universe. The two women went to great lengths to distill some of the tower energy, taking only the very best joyous energy that was intended for the well-being of all, and they did everything they could in the creation of a medicine wheel to insure that the energy would go to a good and happy and positive outcome for all the earth, nature, the animals, and humanity.

The Great Spirit saw what they had done and was actually proud of them for creating a medicine wheel.

Days continued to pass and the tower seemed pretty much the same. The women knew that a medicine wheel can take a long time to work.

to be continued.......

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