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The Old Tower

once upon a time....
there was a woman who lived in the top of a tall windy creaky old tower.

the tower was surrounded by a moat of murky water, and the only way to approach the entrance door was to cross a thin frail slippery bridge made of reeds, and crossing that bridge was, to say the least, unpredictable. if one did get across, on either side of the entrance door were the guardian figures Psyche and Eros, who captured their prey by mesmerizing them. very few ever made it to the entrance door.

if one had been able to cross the bridge and get past the guardians, they then had to climb many many flights of a spiraling staircase that was badly in need of repair, full of cobwebs, and dangerous to the climber as some of the steps would fall away into the depths below, other steps were entirely missing, there was nothing to hold on to, and total darkness enveloped the way.

adventurers had been told that the woman held something of great value but no one was sure what it was. at the top of the staircase the heavy door into the top chamber was padlocked shut. adventurers had been told there was a magic charm that would unlock the padlock and this could be accomplished by just the right song.

meanwhile the woman who was in the chamber at the top of the tower wasn't really there. her spirit had been padlocked behind the heavy door, but in actuality she lived in a town and was trying to lead a normal life just like anybody else.

the universe sent her messages about things she needed to do. these seemed random and at times not too logical, but she knew that she had to accomplish various tasks before her spirit could come back to her.

her spirit was learning lessons from the attempts that were made to find the magic charm that would open the padlock. each time she heard footsteps on the spiraling staircase she hoped that the courageous person would have their feet on solid stair steps and not fall through a hole into oblivion.

at first the only inhabitants in the creaky old staircase part of the tower were spiders who spun beautiful elaborate webs. the woman wondered why there were only spiders within the tower and no other animals, like those that roamed the grounds below. she longed for the day when the padlock might open and she could join the wonderous and beautiful animals she had watched from her window near the top of the tower.

why there were only spiders and no other animals was not the only thing she wondered. she knew that some important reasons for the existence of the tower and a song that might open the padlock were being kept from her view, and she hoped that in time she would understand the whole picture. in the meantime she learned what she could and hoped that she would be prepared for the day when, as she hoped and trusted in the universe, the padlock would be opened.

this tower and the woman's spirit locked in the top chamber had existed for a very long time. at first the staircase was empty except for spiders and their webs. adventurers heard about the woman who held something of value and the padlock that required a magic song for the lock to open. this seemed like an unusual challenge, and adventurers would imagine the woman and write songs from the inspiration. what each adventurer saw was in their own mind's eye, and the woman enjoyed seeing the pictures that arose from their imagination.

that was at first, when things were simple.

the songs began to have scenarios where the woman was interacting with the singer and sometimes trouble arose. the main snag in this was that the focus seemed to be forgotten.....the focus that the woman held something of value and that a magic song was required to open a padlock. once the focus went into imagined interactions, both positive and negative, the original beautiful exciting and unusual quest that the universe had offered seemed to be forgotten by most adventurers.

to be continued.......

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