page nine:

The Rider of Light

all this time the adventurers were still on the spiral staircase. the chamber at the top of the tower might sound like a grim, small place, but the woman's life was actually no worse than that of someone who watches television all day. part of the room was a 3-d viewing area for the visions that arose from the music of the adventurers.

over the years the music and the visions had become a bit much, and the woman had learned to set up a filter that would allow only the visions that had a ring of truth. the ones that didn't get through simply left strawman creatures on the staircase for the cats and spiders to clean up.

adrastia was still visiting, and the women were chatting about cats and cobwebs. adrastia knew about the visions and the viewing area from previous visits. the sound and lighting on one side of the room started to change, and the two women giggled, wondering what they were going to see.

the adventurers were Styx, and since only visions with a ring of truth could come through, the women were excited to see what was offered. maybe this would unlock the padlock finally.

at first it seemed like they were in a dusty arena at night with palm trees and a crescent moon. the palm trees were blurry. the two women knew these visions happened fast, and they quickly started playing trivial pursuit naming every area that might have palm trees like that.

next a form started to materialize out of the ribbons of light

the two women thought this was a wonderful vision. they noted that the red saddlepad must have some significance. the women looked forward to the significance of this vision unfolding in the future.

the padlock, unfortunately, still had not opened. adrastia needed to be on her way, and the two women were appreciative of having shared some time together.

to be continued.......

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