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White Buffalo Woman

for a very long time
the woman in the tower had been bent over and ill.
at times even her spirit seemed barely able to go on.
she needed someone to help her.

one day a great gust of wind passed over the tower. long ago the universe had created a legend, and legends have their own ways of moving around. white buffalo woman was a legend created in the north and of the element air, and she lived close to the heart of the universe.

one day when the sky was bright blue she had become the wind and some fluffy white clouds and was dancing a bold flamboyant dance in celebration of all the earth's living beings. she tickled the leaves of the trees and the leaves sounded back in a fluttering response and birds were chirping. when she saw the creaky old tower she knew that going through some of the cracks would make a whistling noise in celebration of her dance.

she passed through and around the tower, sounding a great whistle, and she would have continued dancing onward for days, but something in the tower made her go back and take a look. it was an unexpected meow. she wondered what a cat would be doing in a dark old tower like that. inside the tower she found several cats and many spiders and some odd creatures she had not seen the likes of before......the grey strawman creatures fumbling around in the dark. she knew that the universe created a wide assortment of living beings that existed in some very odd shapes, and the strawman creatures were among the strangest.

then she noticed the locked door at the top of the staircase and on closer inspection was amazed to find that inside the room at the top of the tower was a woman's spirit. the woman's life energy was just about gone, and she needed much healing. white buffalo woman, in the form of molecules of air, was able to ooze through the cracks around the door and into the room. she sent forth her purest white light of healing and her nurturing energies and the love in her heart. and, as part of the healing process, white buffalo woman sat there for many many days and the two women talked about the colors and smells of many flowers, the shapes of clouds, the sky, and the colors of the sunrises and sunsets. they talked about all the growing things in nature, how everything supports other things in the scheme of things, how funny looking some of the bugs are that do very important jobs in the recycling process, and how remarkable are some of the things that live underwater and underground who seldom get noticed but who have very important roles in nature's process.

slowly but surely the woman in the tower started to regain her strength. she still had a long way to go, but at least she had been able to regain some of her own resources. from this experience she and white buffalo woman became very bonded and will always remain the best of friends.

to be continued.......

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