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The Legend of Atlantis

it was a very long time
between visitors to the tower.
most of them were adventurers who climbed the spiral staircase hoping that their song would unlock the padlock, but what usually happened was that they left behind many strawman creatures before they would finally give up and go do something else.

one day another legend appeared and this one consisted of rainbow light. the universe had created this legend to help people understand the meaning of family groups. she was the legend of atlantis, and the universe had given her the knowledge of animal families, how each type of animal would raise its young and teach them to be able to take care of themselves and each other.

she had been gone for a very long time to a distant point on the ocean. she knew that the time would come when the universe would ask her to come back to the mainland and share her knowledge with humanity.

one day she was being a rainbow brightening the sky with her beautiful colors. when she would appear all the creatures would have a tingly sensation of the very best joyous energy, the birds would chirp, and the whole world would have a feeling of inspiration. because she was made of light she could go about anywhere she wanted to.

she was being a bright and wide rainbow in a remote area arching over an old tower. she'd seen that tower for many decades and wasn't particularly fond of it inside because she knew it was full of spiders, and cobwebs were not exactly her favorite thing. her rainbow colors had been shining brightly that day and after awhile she was getting ready to dissolve and move on, when something got her attention. it was a meow and it came from the old tower. she had never heard a meow there before.

she went to look and was thoroughly disgusted with some greyish ghostly clumsy odd creatures who flapped around bumping into things. she saw some beautiful cats but between the flapping strawmen and the cobwebs she was eager to leave. she rose up inside the tower and was going to go out the top when she saw the padlock on a chamber door and found that there was a woman's spirit in there.

The woman in the tower was delighted to meet the legend of atlantis in rainbow light, and the two women shared wonderful stories about animals all over the world and how they raise their families. They promised each other to always stay in touch, and the legend of atlantis left some sparkly rainbow light in the top of the creaky old tower. Things were looking brighter.....

to be continued.......

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