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awhile later the woman in the tower noticed a little black bird trying to land on her windowsill, but there wasn't much of a windowsill left after all these years, and the bird kept slipping. finally she opened the window a bit and to her surprise the little black bird hopped right on in.

"good morning" the blackbird chirped, "Belle the blackbird at your service." this sounded far to much like a line out of a hobbit book, and the woman in the tower furrowed her brow wondering what this little talking bird was up to.

the blackbird sounded very cheerful and sociable. the woman in the tower was pretty much to the point, and she said "i don't think you are a plain little blackbird. what or who are you? so far only legends have been able to visit me in this chamber. even adventurers haven't gotten this far."

the blackbird sounded kind of garbled in replying, "curiosity curiosity my dear. someone told me there was a woman's spirit padlocked in a chamber at the top of this tower, and i wanted to see for myself."

it wasn't that the woman in the tower mistrusted anyone, it was just that she could tell when something was other than the plain truth. not wishing to add words to words, she relaxed her eyes and used her inner vision to look deeply into the little blackbird. and this is the face she saw:

"i know you..." she exclaimed. you are Oya, the energy of the tornado. why are you hiding in this little blackbird? you are a legend, you could have come to visit me as a whirlwind."

unprepared for such directness, the great Oya broke down in tears. "i, like you, am a prisoner and have been a prisoner for years. it is my soul that has been captured, and it is hanging in a basket in some astral realm where my powers are being manipulated by dark beings. all the storms and turmoils in nature lately, many of them have been efforts by mother nature to get me freed from my imprisonment so that all the forces of nature can regain a balance. i was hoping that by visiting you i might learn something to help me become free, but i can see that you are just as trapped as i am." Oya was showing that she, also, was blunt with her words at times, but the woman in the tower didn't mind.

"I only know things here and there," the woman replied. "I know that nature is trying her best to regain her balance, for everyone, the animals, the plants, and humanity. Even the legends are starting to wake up. Be patient and look inside yourself and maybe you will see ways to once again be who you really are."

This was about all the woman could say to anybody because, after all, each being would have to recognize steps on their own path and find their own resources.

Oya felt better realizing that other aspects of nature were awakening and seeking a balance and she was proud to be part of the universe, and that for now the most important thing she could do was to be patient. As the little blackbird flew out the window, the two women hoped that they would see each other again in the future under better circumstances.

to be continued.......

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