page five:

The Perfect Sound

a very long time passed......the woman spent much time communicating with the cats and spiders. even though they were separated by the padlocked door, they still achieved a rapport while spending many years in the old tower.

there was really no way of telling how much time had passed when another legend came to the tower. this was the legend of relativity, who was clear, calm, and cloaked in a soft white light. the universe had created him from the domain of science, which included mathematical perceptions, and his viewpoint stemmed from the realm of physics.

the woman in the tower and the legend of relativity had been friends for many years. when they had first met it had seemed to them like the perceptions and experiences of the other were more unreal than real since her viewpoint stemmed from intuitive experience and the legend's viewpoint stemmed from mathematical concepts. but they realized they shared a common objective, which was truth in understanding whatever it was in the universe they needed to understand. they learned to be patient with each other and listen to each other's words carefully and to try to understand the other's viewpoint.

the woman was glad to have a visitor, but it turned out he hadn't really come to visit, he was searching the universe for the perfect sound. he had spread himself out into quark particles in order to cover a large area in minimal time, and what had brought him to the tower was the sound of a meow in a place where he wouldn't have expected to find a meow. he hadn't been to the tower since the universe had sent the cats to help with the strawman creatures. the theory of relativity was amused at the strawman creatures that had been created out of fallacies.

the woman thought about the quest for the perfect sound and tried to imagine what that would be. in one respect she knew that every single sound that ever comes forth anywhere in the universe is absolutely perfect for that moment and occasion. she also knew that her own experience of sounds had changed over the years.

she believed that every human holds the full potential of what is possible and that as a person develops and learns, their experiences cause them to change, and their perceptions change also. that the energies in a person's body combined with their emotional experiences and their ability to maintain an intellectual state of balance all would add up to a kind of "unity" within them when the time was right, which then enabled them to grow to the next stage. that at a basic stage many sounds might be ignored, but further along the stages of growth, because the energies and emotions and intellect had changed, it seemed like certain sounds tickled different parts of the brain, as if those parts had opened up where areas hadn't been available before.

that was about as technical as she got, and she explained her concepts to the legend of relativity. she wondered if the ultimate "perfect" sound would be the last to tickle a part of the brain when the person had become fully developed. the woman's main curiosity about all this was wondering if the animals shared the same stages of development. she felt that they were already more advanced than humans in their perceptions of sounds, and she wondered if the need for such sound was basically something intended just for humans.

she also believed that the steps of development that cause areas of perception to open up are something a person would choose to put their attention on, and through their own consciousness and actions or non-actions the stages of development would take place within themselves. if someone knew just the right sounds to play, would it cause people to undergo changes in their awarenss that were presented by an outside influence rather than their own intentions, and would this cause them to lose control of their own destiny? if the perfect sound were discovered and used in this way, would it cause the whole universe to dissolve?

she spoke her concerns to the legend of relativity and both of them were grateful to have had a carefully worded discussion with one another. the legend of relativity had a calming effect on the woman, and their talks were always an example of what it means to be open-minded.

to be continued.......