page seven:

The Keeper of the Sinkhole

the next visitor to the tower was the keeper of the sinkhole.

the woman in the tower thought it interesting that he would be the next visitor to follow the legend of rationality. he had no connection to any truth about rationality, but he simply caused his victims to doubt their own beliefs and their own path, and their doubts would send them plummeting into an inner world of confusion. there was no point in having a discussion with him because he did not care about the meaning of words. he only hoped to undermine one's belief in oneself.

the woman in the tower could sense his approach and, after many learning experiences in previous times, knew exactly how to deal with the situation. the keeper of the sinkhole was inching upward to her window and was going to take her by surprise with a huge serving of self-doubt. he inched up, and ready for the moment of their meeting, she had turned herself into a shimmering clear moulton mirror, and the keeper of the sinkhole received his own intense serving of self-doubt right back into himself.

in an instant he had disappeared from view, and the woman, returning to her usual form, was giggling at the knowledge that the keeper of the sinkhole would be rolling around for a very long time locked into his own extreme issues of self doubt about himself.

to be continued.......

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