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Adrastia: The Inevitable

not too long after the keeper of the sinkhole went on his way, the woman in the tower felt a ripple in the scheme of things. that told her that adrastia, the inevitable, was coming to visit.

adrastia was one of her favorite friends. some people saw adrastia as "fate," meaning "the inevitable." there were two completely different ways for looking at adrastia.

in one way she looked like a woven cast iron fixture that seemed fearful in its austerity and iron clad structure.

the other side of adrastia was like a pink cuddly playful bit of energy, and if one were to merge with this side of adrastia, they would find they had the ability to create their own fate from moment to moment.

adrastia liked to spend time in the shape of a spider and spin the most beautiful webs of many colors, sparkling with reflections of the sun and all the colors of light that are found in nature. because she took on the form of a spider, she was quite aware of the spiders in the tower and their job of trying to catch the strawman creatures. nature had also sent some beautiful cats to adrastia, and their sounds of communication were like music, and through them adrastia heard some of the sounds of the cats in the tower.

the woman in the tower felt the ripple and momentarily afterwards, adrastia appeared. both women were all smiles greeting each other. "that was quite a bump in the universe that just came from this tower," adrastia commented. she was eager to hear whatever the story was from the woman in the tower.

the woman thought for a minute. she hadn't expected to make a bump in the universe, which was equal to a course change in the overall scheme of things. she actually had tried doing that many times years before, but back then nothing had ever come of it. she realized that the intensity of the keeper of the sinkhole's negative energy must have been incredibly great, and when he threw it into her mirror and then received it back into himself, this redirection of energy could, indeed, have been great enough to change the course of things in general. she explained to adrastia what had happened with the keeper of the sinkhole trying to sneak up to her window.

one thing that was certain was that when adrastia appeared in her form of adrastia the inevitable, that what she said was always true. "The course of everything has been changed," declared adrastia the inevitable, thinking that the woman in the tower already had realized this.

The woman in the tower thought about the meaning of this. With the keeper of the sinkhole gone, and the sinkhole itself dissolved, there would mostly be goodness and joyfulness in the universe. She shared this observation with adrastia, and the two of them were excited to see the changes that time would bring forth in the future.

the woman in the tower hoped for the time when the padlock to her chamber door would open and she could join the animals in the beautiful world of nature. adrastia, who had spent many years in solitude, was hoping to enjoy some time in the future as a character in a fulfilling romance with a man, kind of a traditional love story. she had been beginning to wonder if that would ever happen.

after having talked about their individual hopes, the two women spent quite awhile chatting about the types of webs spiders spin and about the beautiful sounds that cats can make.

to be continued.......

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