page eighteen:

The Gateway

the padlock opened and to her amazement the woman was free once again to enjoy the world of nature and to mingle with her animal friends.

she had one thing to do first.....she had accumlated unusual amounts of energy from the time she had spent in the tower. to put this energy to good use, she closed her eyes, and created in the matrix of world consciousness a gateway thru which people and animals could recognize each others' consciousness.

having done that, she rejoined her animal friends.

to be continued.......

page 1: Creaky Old Tower

page 1A: A Locked Room

page 1B: Strawmen and Spiders

page 1C: Misconceptions

page 2: White Buffalo Woman

page 3: The Legend of Atlantis

page 4: Oya

page 5: The Perfect Sound

page 6: The Legend of Rationality

page 7: Keeper of the Sinkhole

page 8: Adrastia: The Inevitable

page 9: The Rider of Light

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