page fifteen:

The Intellect

the woman furrowed her brow for a moment and then realized that was exactly the wrong thing to do. she needed to feel open and clear and to let the words come in freely.

She knew that for humanity and nature to evolve, each person individually had to rediscover their own roots in the natural world. That was the only way that nature, humanity, and the earth were going to regain balance.

She also knew that the reason many people were cut off from their own natural roots was because they were controlled by their own intellect. The intellect was supposed to be one of many tools available to humanity, but instead it had taken over cultures long ago and carved a path of its own.

Throughout history the intellect created divisions within socieities, causing scenarios where one group of people would seem "more powerful" and another group "less powerful." at the time it would apparently be believable to those within the situations. A modern example was Europe where complicated class structures determined social order.

Many of the colonists who went to America were trying to escape the old social order. As part of human evolution, they were expected to cross the ocean and learn from the Indians how to live close to the natural world. As sincere as some of these people were, something went wrong, and the intellect once again seized control. Those who crossed America took the land and pushed for industrial development. Ever since then human evolution as well as nature's ecosystem have been pushed off balance.

The woman knew it was pointless to explain all this in her thesis as it would only become another intellectual dissertation, likely to do nothing more than fuel the economics of the environmental industry. She really needed to get a passing grade so that she could finally see the padlock open and be able to leave the tower, and she knew the Great Spirit wouldn't appreciate an intellectual dissertation.

after awhile, she simply fell asleep.

to be continued.......

page 1: Creaky Old Tower

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