eve and easter sunrise

April 4, 2010

there is an easter tradition at dawn where a person puts their cat in the car and drives a short distance toward the sunrise in acknowledgement of the joy and beauty in the world.

this year the cat who accompanied me on this short journey is Eve, who is now 11 years old. The easter sunrise journey all started over a decade ago when i had spent most of the night driving through the desert to a cat show in Tuscon. it was easter weekend, and as i and my cats were coming in to Tuscon there was the most beautiful sunrise. We were filled with an overwhelming sense of joy and the appreciation of beauty in the world.

That was how the tradition started, and now i and a few others keep up this tradition driving a short distance eastward at sunrise on easter morning. This year for the first time a dog-owner participated in this event, and soon i will post a picture of the first dog ever to participate in the easter sunrise tradition.

to be continued......

if you have participated in this event, or plan to participate in the future, i would be happy to post a photo of your cat or dog.

email dawnstar@bengal.us with a short note about your experience, your location, and a photo of your cat or dog.

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